Why People Choose The Star 129 Over other Diamonds.

  • You can see the difference in the sparkle with your own eyes.  You don’t need special equipment to see the difference.
  • The Star 129 has 129 facets versus the standard 58 facets of a traditional round diamond. This allows the diamond to out sparkle all the other diamonds in the world.
  • The Star 129 will look larger when compared to a traditional 58 faceted diamond of the same weight.

The Star 129 Is Proven To Be The Most Brilliant

The only way to measure a diamond’s true beauty is with the GemEx BrillianceScope.  GemEx Systems Inc. has developed an instrument that visually records a diamond’s Light Performance or essentially its beauty.  The BrillianceScope uses the approach of specifically measuring the light that is returned through the diamond.  It provides a scientific and objective method of evaluating a diamond using clear visual images.

The BrillianceScope measures the three components of sparkle:

  • White Light (Commonly referred to as brilliance.) The BrillianceScope Analyzer measures the percentage of the diamond returning bright white light to the observer.
  • Colored Light (Commonly referred to as fire.)  The BrillianceScope Analyzer measures the percentage of the diamond returning bright colored light to the observer.
  • Scintillation (“Scintillation is the term used for changing colors, the radiance and sparkle of the rays when the stone is moved or when the light source changes.”  DIAMOND GRADING ABC, Varena Pagel-Theisen.) The BrillianceScope Analyzer measures the number of light points and determines how they change from position to position.

All of these factors can be summarized as Light Performance.  Since Light Performance is closely correlated to cut, the best scientific method available was thought to be through measuring the geometry of the diamond.  However, it has been known for decades that two diamonds of ideal proportions can have significantly different Light Performance or beauty.  Star 129 diamonds have been proven to be the most brilliant diamonds cut today.

                                                 95% of Diamonds                                                                                              The Star 129

Each Star 129 diamond is accompanied by a GemEx Light Performance Analysis Certificate, qualifying and quantifying its beauty.