Having grown up in the jewelry business, I have come to learn that reputation and the experience level of the people you work with is as important as the company and the product itself.  I want to take this time to introduce the amazingly talented and experienced staff we have working at Star 129.

I’m Bob Forster - my wife Helen and I own Star 129.  I have personally been involved with the Star 129 since it’s beginning in the year 2000.  The staff we have working with Star 129 have been with the company since introducing the Star 129 in 2003.  They were hand-picked, not only for their expertise, but also because of their retail experience.

 Bob and Helen Forster

I have grown up around the jewelry business my entire life. Watch Video My parents Paul and Faye Forster started working for a private jewelry company in the early 1960’s. My father later worked for Zale Corporation, where he managed and opened new stores for the company. My father later became the diamond buyer for Service Merchandise before he and my mother opened their own business “Diamond Outlet” in 1982.

I graduated from Brown University in 1979 and was inducted into the Brown Sports Hall of Fame in 1985.  After deciding that a career with the Detroit Lions was not for me, I moved to New York and started working in the jewelry business in 1980.  I have worked for three of the largest diamond companies in the world and have enjoyed traveling to all the major jewelry and diamond centers around the world since 1983.

My wife and I presently own the second generation free standing jewelry store that my parents opened in 1982.  The focus of our jewelry store has always been and continues to be diamonds.  It was as early as the late 1990’s that I began to realize that the diamond industry needed a change and that is what motivated me to get involved with the Star 129 project.

Paul and Faye Forster

Kenny Polak is our diamond expert in New York.  He’s at least fourth generation of a diamond trading family dating back to the late 1800’s in Belgium. Kenny started out at the polishing wheel in 1995 learning all the different aspects involved with diamond cutting. Kenny hand selects each diamond based on very specific specifications to ensure that each Star 129 diamond achieves top light performance.

Kenny Polak - Sr. Diamond Buyer

Debby Royston-Statz is our General Manager and comes from a retail jewelry background. Growing up, her father was a jewelry store manager which is where she developed her love of jewelry.  After college, she worked for a retail jewelry store for 14 years before opening her own store from 1990 – 1998.  Later she transitioned from retail to wholesale jewelry.

Debby Royston - GM

Audrey Rivera is our operations officer.  She’s spent 25+ years in the financial side of the wholesale jewelry industry working for one of the largest diamond jewelry companies in NY.  She and her husband Eddy now have a retail jewelry business where she divides her time with Star 129.

Audrey Rivera - CFO