Star 129 is the first diamond ever to guarantee the highest rating possible for scintillation (A Gemex very high+) on every diamond solitaire.

How is this achieved? Watch Video

Every Star 129 is ideally cut.  We have increased the number of facets to maximize the beauty of the diamond without compromising the refractive properties.

A traditional 58 facet diamond has sparkle but the greatest majority of the sparkle is on the outer edge of the diamond and not underneath the table of the diamond. The Star 129 has added 71 more facets to the pavilion, which is the bottom of the diamond.

The facets of a diamond are an arrangement of prisms and mirrors.  By adding 71 facets to the pavilion we have more than doubled the prism and mirrors to reflect and refract light, which significantly enhances the diamond’s light performance.

Our master cutters have informed us that the Star 129 is the most challenging diamond they have ever cut in their careers.  They estimate that it takes almost three times as long to cut a Star 129 diamond as it does an ideal diamond.

Every Star 129 diamond comes with a traditional diamond grading certificate from GIA or EGL, as well as a Gemex Three Dimensional Light Performance Report that shows how well each diamond performs for light.

Since 2003 we’ve sold thousands of Star 129 diamonds totaling over $50 million in sales.

All of the above information I have just mentioned is factual, but after working with the Star 129 since 2000 I have come to the following conclusion: Your eyes are the most important instrument in measuring beauty. They’re far more sophisticated than any technology we have available. The Star 129 creates a difference that can be seen with just your eyes! No special lighting, no magnification devises or even coaching is necessary from a salesperson. Watch Video

We encourage you to compare Star 129 to any other available round diamond on the market. We guarantee you and your friends will see a difference. Watch Video As to which diamond you choose for your purchase, our advice is to trust your eyes and let them be your guide.